Allows your health energy rebalancing and the holistic healing


The Energy Screening Test is a specialized technique which has been practiced over the last 10 years. It furnishes a personalised evaluation of the Energy level of the individual being tested. This analysis identifies the Energy functionality of the Chakras, Meridian points and the organs of the body in order to detect imbalances.

The Energy Screening Test


Why is it important to do an Energy Screening Test

The early detection of Energy imbalances, coupled with Naturopathic and Therapeutic advice, would permit the Client to make an educated choice to adopt appropriate preventive strategies to consciously improve their state of health. A lack of energy, neglected and prolonged, can provoke the onset of negative psychological states, physical depletion and even lead to illnesses. The practice of prevention is very undervalued in Western culture, but it becomes of fundamental importance simply because the emotional block can generate the stagnation of human energy by preventing a normal and serene life.

The Screening Process

A holographic matrix technique based on the principle of Resonance imaging is used, the Holistic Practitioner connects with the Client on an Energetic level, this process can be done quite simply with the photograph of the Client. The Screening process can be effected via e-mail as well, and, complete confidentiality is guaranteed! After the bioenergetic test you will receive specific and customized naturopathic advice and video exercises that will allow you to reach a stable energy balance.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster an ethic of "personal awareness". We believe that every individual should be the master of their own destiny, and, furthermore, should be able to, with foresight, choose to take care and be responsible for their own health. We aim to help our Clients deal with any detected imbalances. We offer advice to Clients who have chosen to find solutions to their problems, be they, psychological, physical, emotional, interpresonal or those who simply want to be aware of their state of health.

About EHS in general terms

Through Energetic Holistic Screening you can know the cause of your possible energy imbalance, knowing when it happened, and the reasons that triggered it. To promote energy balance and holistic healing, we will provide you with specific and customized naturopathic advice to restore your natural balance. Thus you will have suitable and exclusive tools to be the real responsible for your health. Specifically it is possible to interrupt mental whims, negative thinking and ugly intrusive thoughts; combat insomnia and functional disorders of internal organs; counteract the organic stress wasting; transforming negative thoughts due to depression into positive thoughts; freeing yourself from mental obsessions, anxiety and panic attacks

The right time is now!

Making prevention means: listening to the signals that our body sends us, giving them the right weight and acting consciously for the correct energy balance. If for too long you feel you have stagnant emotional states inside you and you suffer from organic malaise of some kind, it means that your energy does not circulate freely. Everything is energy and everything is energy production. Allow your energy to circulate freely. If you have already screened and want to rebalance your energy, ask for your personalized remedies.

Choose the right remedies for you!

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